Falling Out 

*Sigh* Yesterday was such a terrible day. It was supposed to be a good day as it was my favourite cousin’s birthday AND a half day at school! Now, what to tell about this person, this girl.. *Suspire*

She, ehh… I have a question for her, “Why did you have to support me against my bullies then, if now you’re their ‘best friend’? ” 

A (from my last blog), is perhaps right. I shouldn’t have believed her in the first place. He hasn’t said that I shouldn’t believe her directly like that, but he told me that believing on someone so much can sometimes create issues. 

This is exactly what I did. I trusted her for everything. Especially from when she “made” me friends back with A. Now I think I know that she wasn’t the only reason why A and I became friends: it’s because of my cousin and my other friends who understood me and gave us both advices on what to do next. But that’s not it; A and I also deep down wanted each other desperately as friends. 

She was against them; but now I think it was to put up a show in front of me. Deep down, she wanted to be their friends. I don’t know if she’s still wondering if we are best friends, but from me, I am just pretending to be her FRIEND. I don’t want to put up a show at this stage. I am not a child who’s breaking friendship and then apologising and be friends again, having smiles! I am a parents’ child who loves their friends and are happy with who have got their back. (Ooh, I am listening to the #GiftOfFriend right now by Demi Lovato! I love my true best friends so much!) 

So this is what she did…

When I was struggling with what was happening between me and A and was somehow getting bullied by those girls, she stood up for me. For once I thought she was being a true friend. She talked to the girls and made me calm. But for some reason now, SQUAT! That’s all her support was. Now that she knows that A and I are like how we want to be, she wants to care less about me. That’s what I think.

I am not going to tell her that I’m upset and I cried the entire afternoon because of her. Let me just see if she’d ever realise what she did to me is unfair…

Thank you A, for letting me to talk this thing out with you. You understand me so much better.

(O.M.G! This is exactly how Elliot supports Penny of what happens between her and Megan in Girl Online!)

Well for now, I hope everything solves out between us both. Thank you A once again. You can never be replaced in my life! 

Thank you readers for understanding me..


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