“Christmas Show.. was jokes!!” 

O.M.L.O.L.G!! (BTW it stands for “Oh my Laughing out Loud God”) This was perhaps the most hilarious dream!! 

In the dream, I was at school where we had a Christmas Show hosted, danced, organised and sung by the teachers! Followed by a rock-tasting Student-Support’s jazz dance! (Seemed like jazz, they didn’t really call it!) 

First performance was the “Jazz” dance by the Student Support department. It, well, was more likely “cool” than calling it hilarious. But still, Woahhh!! 

Second performance was the History Department’s dance! Can you believe it!? Because we “didn’t” had interest in history, our teachers decided to dress up as caveman (on a female teacher!😂), Viking, Romans, Anglo Saxons, King of England etc. Oh god! Their dance!! We were blasting our heads off!!

Third performance!! You couldn’t believe it! The music teachers drum-rolled on the bald male teachers!! That had the favourite teacher of the majority of the students in our school. Then they did a pop-song! Just like a concert!!

Then we had the Bellas, who danced on #Cheerleader by OMI.There was even an OMI!! A maths teacher!!😂 Everyone so loved it!! That won the show! The favourite one of all! xD 

Waky waky! Dream’s over; chop chop!! I hope this dream turns out true someday!! I want that to happen! 


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