Moving onto 2016..

Hi guys! This year has been a totally different year for me- a really unique (in a good way though.).

I couldn’t believe that I had been completely arguing with my best friend over and over for about 7-8 months. Following the instincts of 2 (perhaps 3) nosy girls, I had completely lost track of who was (is and will be) the ‘perfect’ friend.  The first month of this year might not had been the way I would wish to start, but now as it is ending, I can see everything is getting so much clearer- at the start of this year, I had heebiee-jeebies to talk to that friend; what if he starts to hate me? What if he is annoyed at me for choosing those girls opinions? Does he still want to be my friend? You know stuffs like that. I felt heart-broken particularly at that time. 

Now, even he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to leave me, ever (so have I)! Now, just even talking to him for 2 minutes feels like a great day! We both have now forbidden the past and are leaning towards the future. We have also debarred those girls to even look at us and talk to us. We want to start 2016 in millions of happy ways; not like how we started this year.

This doesn’t mean that I had hated this year, it’s just that it was a year that influenced me to never give up on a friend; in a really exceptional way. (Well if you have outgrown them, that’s a different case.) 

Although months from January to half-way of August we I always wanted him not to talk to me because he betrayed me, broke my trust, we still sneaked out for chances to be friends. That’s when we reffered ourselves, whenever we were together, as “secret friends”. No-one knew about us both being friends; neither our first best friends. That didn’t help though, that just got us into cases of ‘blitzing’ each other; we had to deal with each other, we didn’t get each other as we used to do before. But that didn’t mean we began to hate each other (of course not!) It just made us feel to not be friends again, but yet again, before any longer, we were “secret friends”. 

Things kind of went on, but I couldn’t stop resisting if people knew us as “friends”. I mean how long could someone stick to someone as some sort of “unknown (secret) friends”? I mean, that’s the only boy I would’ve accepted a confidential friend. Had it been someone else, NO! It’s only because, I always want to be his friend, best friend…

 He had always made me comfortable with who I am. Year 3 to Year 5 (which may be clarified as ‘Grades’ or ‘Class’) was magnificent! Those years, we got to know each other so much better and I believe that’s when we started to trust each other; that’s when we started talking. {Abacus moments, fundo}

Another growing up memories in Year (/Grade/Class) 5 with A (let’s call him that) was our dance practices! I bet that one was his too! Those were the days when we laughed our heads off when we didn’t do our steps properly! {Remember culmination dance?}

Usually, friendship issues doesn’t bug me as much, but when it reaches to a point of losing a best friend, I start to freak out. Sometimes I say stuffs unintentionally (well I don’t think I have done it to anybody yet, but this friend, yeah, in fact, tons by now! I must have driven him batty by now! Well there’s still not much difference yet! :P). 

So well.. Sorry A, I snapped at you at times, (ooh, this was the part when he got to thinking that he was an idiot for stuffs that happened) sorry about that as well; got you to think you’re an idiot (which you ovc are not) and sorry if I ever hurted you. 

Actually, that’s what friends best friends do! Right? (Except that they don’t apologise!) Well anyway, sorry things got too nuts between us. Well I promise, 2016 is the year when we won’t even some tiffs. I actually want such year with you! Oh wait, there should be insane moments between friends, so we’ll have that but no imbroglio, OK? 😛 {Never thought I’d ever say it 😛 but..} Without you, I wouldn’t have ever know… how I am like when I fly off my handle! 😛 Without you, I would rather just sit in a damp room just wondering if there could be any chance of us being friends back again. Having no-you, I wouldn’t want to come back to the country…

See, I never try to resist you! You are one of my very enduring friends! I never want to leave you.. I miss you.. ❤ 

Sometimes you might want to post memories of you with your friends too. Gee, I never wanted to stop writing about A, but there’s no choice, I HAVE TO STOP! Sometimes just going on and on about someone who treats you like some celebrity or something feels just so good! That’s what ‘A’did. He broke his friendship with, you know those-nosy-girls, just because he wanted to be my friend; he told me how he felt about me in that dilemma (good way thoughts he had) on his birthday. And you know the next day, BOOM, there’s a climax, we were friends again and we lived happily ever after… 

But you A, you wouldn’t have read it yet if I didn’t send you the link! -_- 

Anyways, was there such a memorable moment with you this year? I would love to know it in the comments below…


Thanks to my lovely friends who stood up for me when they got to know what was happening. Thank you, especially Shar,Nup,️Nish,Maul and Jenny, for encouraging me to not give up on him just like that. Thank you for lightening me up in every dark side I went through. Without you guys , A and I, I don’t think so, would ever have gotten a chance to be the way we were before. Thank you so much!

And A, no matter whatever you do, I’ll always back you up on it (not bad things though, I wouldn’t even let you do it!) You have always been great to me and I’ll never forget you in millions and billions of years. Thank you for being my friend, treating me like a star, understand my ups and downs {well except that time, when you had no choice}. I will always look in the good for you (oh, I don’t HAVE TO look in the good, it just comes out! ^.^) A, you are really special for me. You are the friend I had always dreamt of; I never thought that someone like that would ever exist, but then my cousin gave me the trace of you.

Thank you Readers, for being so kind and read this blog. 

Thank you Mummy and Daddy, for giving me my time to talk to my friends and write blogs. Even though you both haven’t read my blog posts yet! 

Thank you all, so, so, much.

{A, I miss you tons! Hope we could video chat soon and meet one day!}


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